financial keepers and binders a must...

i've been using both the client record book and the monthly tax organizer for 5+ years now after my friend, a graphic artist and organizing fanatic, created and designed the system. after listening to me complain about not being able to find anything out there that was functional, simple and not hideous, this baby was born!  

the client record book is used to record color formulas and client info etc, and you can also purchase refills when needed.  the spine is rounded so it doesn't split and the book opens smoothly and has great durability.  as i've said i've been using mine for 5+ years (as has the rest of my salon) and it they are still in great condition.

the monthly tax envelopes are a little pocket of heaven when it comes to keeping all of the random receipts, expenses and daily totals organized. my tax man loves me when i walk in with these! even if you are on a system such as quick books, these envelopes can be used to hold all of your receipts, invoices and record your daily income. you just record on the front, shove it inside and then never have to pull out or tally up anything come tax season, viola! (and my filing cabinet looks so pretty and organized)
the other thing i like is that their is a place to record tax write offs, donations, classes, and anything else that might be tax deductible that i would often forget about come year end, but i don't since i just jot it down directly on the front.


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MoxieLadie's financial keeper and client contact book